Shahbaz among the richest Punjab MPAs


Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif is among the richest members of the Punjab Assembly with a declared value of assets in the country and abroad of Rs 489.64 million. Another N-leaguer and daughter of filmstar Rangeela, Farah Deeba is one of the poorest members.
As per statements of assets and liabilities for the year 2010, submitted to the election commission by members of the Punjab Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif’s four properties in the United Kingdom are worth Rs 175.6 million. His assets in Pakistan include a property in Murree worth Rs 16.60 million and an agricultural property worth Rs 6.9 million. His total investment in sugar, textile and paper mills stands at Rs 20.85 million.
He owns a gifted land cruiser worth Rs 20.81 million. Furthermore, he has secured mortgages of Rs 146.25 million and liabilities to the family of a little over Rs 6.0 million. His bank account has a sum of Rs 5.75 million. One of Sharif’s spouses, Nusrat Shahbaz Sharif owns non-agricultural property of Rs 177.20 million and agricultural land worth Rs 51.53 million, while her investment in different businesses including textile and sugar mills stands at Rs 10.85 million.
She had Rs 10.184 million in banks but owes Rs 5.75 million. She does not have car or jewellery. Tehmina Durrani, second wife of Shahbaz Sharif, owns jewellery worth Rs 5.0 million and possesses two cars. Prime Minister Yousuaf Raza Gilani’s son Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani is fond of precious cars and has declared assets of Rs 110.234 million. Value of his house in DHA Lahore is worth Rs 32.50 million.
However, other details of his income were not mentioned. He owns agricultural land, measuring over 118 acres, the value of which is reported to be Rs 3.94 million. He owns a bullet proof vehicle worth Rs 12.80 million and another car valuing Rs 2.2 million. He has prize bonds worth Rs 5.0 million and jewellery valuing Rs 13 million. However, his financial liabilities stand at Rs 4.16 million.
Chaudhry Moonis Elahi, son of former Punjab Chief Minister who is facing corruption charges in the NICL scam, owns property purchased at an unspecified time of Rs 128.67 million. Details of his assets did not mention value of an agricultural land at Kot Mela Ram Lahore which was received as a gift. He holds shares of various companies worth Rs 143. 34 million, besides having a business capital outside Pakistan of Rs 7.0 million, jewellery worth 1.625 million and cash of Rs 188.6 million. However, he does not own a car.
Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Mohammed Iqbal has total assets of Rs 10,122,400. Break-up of his assets reveal ownership of an immovable property worth Rs 9,532,400. According to his assets details, Iqbal owns 698 kanals of agricultural land worth Rs 5,732,400, in addition to a residential house worth Rs 3,000,000. Moreover, he owns three shops worth Rs 800,000.
Interestingly, the poor speaker of the Punjab Assembly does not own a vehicle but is in possession of two precious watches worth Rs 220,000. His cash at bank stands at a meager Rs 20,000 while furniture owned values Rs 150,000. He also owns weapons worth Rs 200000. Former Punjab governor and a close confidant of the chief minister Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa is in possession of property worth Rs 9,600,000 including immoveable property of Rs 2,100,000.
Out of the stated assets, he owns inherited land of 298 kanals in DG Khan. In moveable items, Khosa has a Mercedes worth Rs 6,000,000, 20 tolas of jewelry worth Rs 6,000,000. In addition, his cash at bank stands at Rs 700,000. Ahmed Mujtaba Gilani, younger brother of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, has 23 acres of agricultural land worth Rs 4,600,000, 200 kanal of agricultural land worth Rs 625000 and a plot worth Rs 141,667.
Furthermore, he is the owner of Nigehban security firm worth Rs 55000. Besides, he has three vehicles costing Rs 3,100,000. He also holds 10 tolas of gold worth Rs 300,000, while Rs 150,000 is held in cash besides furniture worth Rs 50,000. Spouse of Gilani also owns moveable and immovable property worth Rs 7,837,000. PML-Q parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin has total assets of Rs 121,465,799 including immovable assets of Rs 105181500 and immovable items of Rs 16284299.
Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has total assets of Rs 42,000,000 including two residential houses in Faisalabad worth Rs 10,000,000, agricultural land worth Rs 3,000,000. In addition, he owns chambers in Lahore and Faisalabad valuing Rs 4,000,000. Opposition leader Raja Riaz, also a rich man, has total assets worth Rs 44312705 which include three shops, a four kanal plot and a piece of agriculture land. He also owns a factory worth Rs 4604144.
Sheikh Allauddin has total reported assets of Rs 1.10 billion, in addition to investments of Rs 333.64 million in various commercial, financial and production units. He has Rs 282 million in cash in hand and bank accounts. Dr Muhammad Ashraf Chohan – a PML-N lawmaker has assets worth Rs 970 million in and outside Pakistan. He owns a house and a hospital in United Kingdom valuing at Rs 700 million. His residence at Cavalry extension values Rs 40 million and a plot at Jail Road worth Rs 50 million.
He owns two cars including a Mercedes valuing Rs 4.5 million and has Rs 35 million in his bank account. M Noman has total assets worth Rs 484.9 million which includes inherited property valuing Rs 389.45 million. He has cash and prize bonds worth Rs 4.67 million, jewellery valuing Rs 1.85 million and other assets worth Rs 5.5 million. He does not own a car and has financial liabilities to the tune of Rs 39.96 million.
Farah Deeba, daughter of renowned comedian Rangeela and a PML-N leader is among the poorest members. She only owns one Honda Saloon has Rs 100,000 as cash in bank. Samina Khawar Hayat of the PML-Q is also relatively poor as but she does not own a vehicle or any property.


  1. You obviously have overlooked and forgotten to mention the Rs 350 million that was found deposited in Moonis Elahi's bank account in Pakistan. What about his properties in Spain and Germany, apart from the apartment in UK. Is this a mistake or an intentional ommission, since you have counted all the assets of Shahbaz Shariff. In Pakistan financial integrity is no longer a virtue. While at the subject you have forgotten to mention that Raja Riaz lives in a 1,000 yard villa in Tech Society, owned by his wife, yet his assets are only 55 lakh.

  2. Who believe their asset values.A small house in posh colony cost ten million.You should multiply their assets value of each of them by 100000% to reach probably closer figure.All looted from stomach crunching hungry poor,safaidposhs,retired from private sector,honest in all sectors.

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