Nouman Javaid releases new video


Nouman Javaid, the music director of the film Yamla Pagla Deewana, does not want to be limited to one slot of music. For this reason, he has made a brand new original song, which has a funny video, called Yamla Pagla Deewana. Wait…wasn’t that the name of the Bollywood movie too and a song…but Nouman Javaid says that besides these three words, nothing in his song is the same. In fact he composed the song himself to rid the impression that he could only work on sad stuff.
In a launch of his video, about 200 people showed up to see what he had to show and left the event with splits in their stomachs.
“I have only been known so far for sad, melancholic music uptil now,” he says. “Gham-e-Aashiqui for instance, and even in the movie my slower song “Charha De Rang Mera” has been the hit song so far. But I wanted to show people that I could do some happy and fun stuff too.”
So Nouman Javaid, who is inspired by the Burman father-and-son maestros along with the music genius Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and the Western legend Michael Jackson, made the video with the story of himself in an insane asylum, where he depicted himself in several moods. Those were shows with Nouman wearing the most outrageous of costumes and get ups. Not to forget there was a small ‘controversy’ surrounding Meera and Veena, because they were also shown to be part of the insane troop! Not that the two actresses would willingly come forth and do these roles at their own expense. But their faces were used.
“I thought who could not be left out of the asylum and who else could that be but those two,” jokes Nouman. Well Nouman…we wonder what those two will have to say for this.