PML-N says PPP govt worse than Musharraf’s


The PML-N on Wednesday dubbed the PPP’s democratic government worse than that of Pervez Musharraf’s autocratic regime, triggering an exchange of harsh words between PML-N’s Khwaja Saad Rafique and National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza, who later expunged remarks of the PML-N leader by calling them “foul”.
PPP legislators also responded to the accusations in kind, raising temperatures further. Journalists had also boycotted the proceedings of both houses of parliament and staged a sit-in outside the Parliament House against what they called the government’s inaction on demands for a commission to probe Saleem Shehzad’s murder. As Saad Rafique severely criticised President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik, the speaker asked him not to use foul language against the president and later directed for switching off his mike without allowing him to complete his speech on the budget.
She also asked Saad to address the chair rather than addressing other members present in the House. This triggered an exchange of harsh words between the two, with Saad asking the speaker to behave like a custodian of the House rather than a PPP leader. Fehmida directed to expunge the remarks, which infuriated the PML-N leader and he again used harsh words against the chair. Later, Pervaiz Malik requested the speaker to allow Saad Rafique to complete his speech, which she did. Saad then accused the government of jumping to the establishment’s bandwagon and indulging in corrupt practices, warning the PPP against its anti-government movement.
“We will not give more time to the government now. My party has been pushed against the wall. Journalists are today holding a sit-in against the government’s inaction on their demands. Why is the government not forming a commission headed by a judge to probe Saleem Shehzad’s murder?” he said.
“The PPP is not the champion of democracy, rather this party is hell bent on destroying the democratic system. A federal minister is spending billions of rupees of the BISP and the Baitul Maal to win votes in Azad Kashmir elections. The people are forced to commit suicides due to poverty, while the president and the prime minister are wearing suites costing the country Rs 500,000 each,” he said, calling the reconciliatory policy of the PPP a policy of hypocrisy. PPP MNA Imtiaz Safdar Warraich said sloganeering and protest by the PML-N legislators during the budget speech was a sad event in the parliamentary history. “We didn’t expect such a behaviour from those who signed the Charter of Democracy and vowed to strengthen democracy,” he remarked.


  1. Too late realization by MLN of PPP-Zardari , American -NRO blessed government as the worst ever corrupt government ,installed by USA to execute their regional agenda in Afghanistan, Pakistan though intensified drone attacks ,enslaving Pakistan to IMF,UK,USA,fighting their so called WOT at Pakistan exchequer cost of 68 billion dollars etc which in turn would assure perpetuating power and trillions of ill gotten coffers for Zardari-PPP,MQM,ANP,MMA,MLQ etc. It deliberately destroyed, looted state corporation by hundred of billions dollars, closed running IPPS for trillion of rupees commissions and to install rental units to punish the poor @ RS 25/ per unit while Kalabagh Dam gave electricity @RS1.50 resultantly ruining economy,industry and the poor,safaidposhs..Too much damage was allowed by ML-N under ‘mumafti opposition’ while poor were pounded to pieces. Now join all forces opposing this American lackeys in cursed coalition as equal partners to fight the evil forces out ,If you still keep your arrogance as your guiding force, then you do more damage to Pakistan..

  2. Well PPP may be out cold in the next election but you don't get an" A " for corny comparisons either

  3. Pakistan People’s Party, the largest political party of the country with a sustained and significant support base in all parts of the country. People’s Party is undeniably the most effective political outfit with a decidedly anti-establishment hue to emerge from the indigenous political discourse in the history of this country. The roller coaster politics of Pakistan has been through many upheavals since that chilly last day of November in 1967 when the party was founded. People’s Party too, has inevitably turned many colours to readjust to the changing ground realities and has earned thumping accolades as well as biting criticism for its policies and practices.
    It is worth mentioning that Under Zardari, PPP may have undergone a metamorphosis from a left leaning to a liberal democratic centre-left outfit, but it has successfully engendered a pattern of political dynamics interweaving two distinct strands, i.e. unwavering commitment to the people and a series of courageous sacrifices by the leadership. While conceding the chequered record of successes and failures, People’s Party continues to signify the basic contradiction in the body politic of this country, the democratic dispensation embodying the economic and political aspirations of the people as against the national security narrative supported by the retrogressive forces of all hues and colours. Reassuringly, given the present political spectrum, the party seems wedded to carrying on in the spirit of national reconciliation and a pluralist polity. PPP was never ruled by the single leader but by the masses of Pakistan. It is the party of workers, downtrodden people and poor. For the first time PPP gave voice to voiceless. It gave voice to the muted turbulence of human spirit. PPP strength to the weak and gave motivation to the masses to strive for a goal higher than life.

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