Somali pirates


Efforts made by Ansar Burney have finally led to the release of four Pakistani sailors from the clutches of Somali pirates. Others who played a role include Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat Abad, head of CPLC and the public who contributed funds amounting to $2.1 million that were paid as ransom.

Will the Governor Sindh and Ansar Burney now make serious efforts to free the citizens of Karachi, who for the past few years have been held hostage by the pirates of Karachi, most of them being members of politically affiliated armed gangs who wield power in Karachi through intimidation. Why are the federal and provincial governments not keen to get involved in making Karachi a peaceful city, or is this not part of their agenda? While the Somali pirates hijack ships in open seas, the pirates of Karachi rob, kidnap and kill innocent citizens in broad daylight, without any fear of getting caught.

Since 2007 almost 5,000 Pakistani citizens have fallen victim to suicide bombers all over the country, while almost 30,000 people have fallen victims to target killings in Karachi alone and not a single murderer has been caught.

Just on 13 June, 14 citizens were gunned down and not a single man has been caught. It is the elected members from Karachi, the police, civil administration, political parties, provincial government and sensitive agencies who are responsible for letting criminals go unpunished in Karachi.

Since 2002, Karachi has become a dangerous place where the law of the jungle prevails and nobody is safe or secure, which is worse than what is happening on the high seas near Somalia.





  1. It is common knowledge that journalist Wali Khan Baber was killed by target killers affiliated with MQM of Altaf Hussain. We know who the pirates of Karachi are. The Gov Sind himself comes from this party which harbors the pirates that kill citizens of Karachi, kidnap for ransom, indulge in extortion and are involved in land mafia etc. The question is what is the STATE OF PAKISTAN doing?. What is the role of law enforcement agencies and the intelligence apparatus?.

  2. What about the role of former DG Rangers Punjab, DG Rangers Sind and DG IB of Musharraf, who are responsible for polluting these para military troops and making few of them criminals. Those poor junior troopers who killed Sarfraz Shah were trained by Musharraf to commit such excesses. If justice be done, than their seniors which include Mehdi,

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