Honouring OBL?


Some section of the press has stated that a writing, poetry and graphical designing competition is being held in honour of Osama Bin Laden. We all are fully aware of what Osama did and what Al-Qaeda is doing now. Killing innocent Muslims in mosques and other places, terrorising schools so that students cannot go to school is no jihad.

Encouraging what Bin laden did is disastrous, instead of helping the Muslim nations he created Islamaphobia and the religion of peace, love and tolerance was turned into one of hate and killing. Did he really help the Ummah? He just got the world powers like America against us who now interfere in our affairs unlawfully in the name of “ending terrorism”. Whosoever thought up of this competition is either ignorant to the reality or himself is the enemy of Islam.

I am a GCSE student and am no religious scholar or a political analyst but if I can see the fact why can’t the people concerned see it? Someone needs to stop this corruption of youth’s minds. The government worries about what military is doing or what the opposition party is doing but no one worries about the brainwashing of youth, the country’s future. I hope and pray that our government and religious scholars see the light and discourage this hatred.