Civil services reforms


According to press reports at last the federal government is considering to change the service structure of federal government replacing the out-dated 22-grade pay scales and various cadres of civil bureaucracy into a contract based employment by establishing National Executive Services for appointment at senior level in government departments.

The civil service reforms are long overdue and there are no two opinions that the present structure of civil services has been the cause of many ills and corruptions now faced by the country. Although politicians are blamed for the bad governance, it is the bureaucracy that is the real culprit.

It was imperative that after the independence the new system of civil servants recruitment be introduced. With the invention of information technology, new communication and management tools, manpower requirement can be reduced.

Those having no knowledge of computer have become unfit for a number of jobs. Dr Ishrat Hussain had prepared a comprehensive road map as head of the National Commission on Government Reforms during Musharraf government. At present, the professionals such as doctors and engineers are also working as a Police IG and tax commissioner.

Only the competent officers with high academic qualifications are able to give innovative and new ideas to tackle the new issues and problems faced by the people and country provided they are selected on merit.