Yellow cab scheme announced without planning


The yellow cab scheme announced in the provincial budget 2011-12 will take at least three months to come into operation, as the Punjab government neither signed any agreement nor finalised any modality with the Suzuki Motor Company for starting production of the cabs, sources told Pakistan Today on Monday.
They said the provincial government had not done any homework to introduce the scheme and haphazardly announced the decision in the budget to get public support. The government had contacted Suzuki Motors about a month ago and since then, there had been no contact with the company for starting the production of the cabs.
The Punjab government announced to give away 20,000 yellow cabs of 800CC engine capacity to the youth, offering the choice of just two models – Mehran and Bolan.
Sources said the company also did not have enough time to meet the requirement of 20,000 vehicles in a short time and it appears the scheme would fails if work continued at the current pace.
The sources said if the government signed the agreement in July, it would take the company around two months to provide the finished vehicles to the Punjab government. “There was no proper planning behind launching the scheme and so far, the government has not asked the Suzuki Motor Company to start producing vehicles for the scheme,” a senior government official said, adding that the decision was taken at the eleventh hour, therefore, no terms and conditions had been finalised.
“It will take around a month for the government to finalise the terms and conditions of the project and then start negotiating with the company for the initiation of production,” the official said.
According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), Suzuki Motors manufactured 22,271 Mehran cars and 10,541 Bolan vehicles in 2009-10, while the company produced 13,239 and 9,639 Mehran and Bolan vehicles, respectively, in 2008-09.
Evident from the company’s production record is the fact that it would take at least a year to meet the demand of the Punjab government.
There is also a chance of the company facing operational problems in the open market if it focuses on delivering on the government’s order.
Suzuki Motors Pakistan spokesman Shafeeq Sheikh said the Punjab government had contacted the company a month ago, but there had been no contact since then.
He said the company had the capacity to meet the demand of the Punjab government and production would start as soon as the provincial government signs an agreement.


  1. NOT yellow cab but yellow ML-N,Nawaz-Shahbaz scheme.They are proven.zidi.egomaniacs but at the coist of hundred of billions rupees of poor man taxes already ruined by the worst ever corrupt governments of 'munafaks,mufadprasts,mumafti ,bathakhor,mafia of thousands of trillion dollars ;PPP-Z,MQM,ANP,MLQ and MLN playing to theitr 'mumafti';tunes not rescuing poor downtrodden and safaidposhs.They must all leave.

  2. They must leave.? no man…how they destroying our country and creating hunger….they must be burn in public….

  3. sir please tell me introduce the scheme and haphazardly announced the decision in the budget to get public support
    sir GO’D bless u PML(N)ZINDABAAD
    shahbaz shrief zindabaad

  4. Gangay bahi khuda say dar yeh kia yellcab wala darama shurh kar dia hiay pehlay wali ka kia hashar hwa tha yeh kin logon ko oblie…… karnay kay liay shurh kar rehay ho kehn ITIFAQ FONDRY ka bhala to nian soch rehay tum log

  5. Muslim Leauge N Zinda Bad, this is exteremly great effort for young unemployed gratuates. we proud our great leader Mian Nawaz sharif Sb and also thankful Mian Shehbaz Sharif sb for this nice Step. We want to see once again Mian Nawaz Sharif as our Priminister .May Allah grants u for ur great step for the Poor.
    Zahid Adnan from Chowk Munda

  6. hi sir my name is muhammad abubaker. i am totely embarresed to punjab govt.i am a candidate of yello cab sceheme winner of phase iv and my winning number is 176 B P IV.but i am shocked when i reached Bank of punjab to information of yellow cab delivery thay said to me yellow cab not deliverd to phase IV candidate. i am shocked.nobody take responsibility to insure me of my winning yellow cab. any how i am still waiting or only wating

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