Woman paraded naked in Neelor Bala village


A woman was forcibly paraded naked through a village after her sons were accused of sleeping with a married neighbour who became pregnant, police said Tuesday.
The incident happened after neighbour Mohammad Salman grew suspicious that the woman’s sons slept with his wife in Neelor Bala village, 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Islamabad, said police official Akhtar Nawaz.
Enraged Salman and his brothers went to confront the suspects, who were identified only as Rashid and Kazim, but they had fled, leaving behind their mother, Nawaz said.
“They dragged her out, tore up her clothes and forced her to walk naked on the street,” the police official said.
“No one has come to lodge a formal complaint. Police registered a case themselves after receiving reports from local residents,” he told AFP.
An investigation is underway and two people have been taken into custody for questioning, he said.
Police investigation officer Shabbir Hussain Shah said the statement of the woman, who is aged about 50, had been recorded.
Salman, who works in the eastern city of Lahore, believed that one of the brothers had got his wife pregnant while he was away from home, Shah said.


  1. Only in a desperate and frustrated society can such event take place.
    Dishonoring a woman for something which her son MAY have done. What sort of crazy people can do this.
    This reminds me of a story I read as a child in which a lion kills a lamb cause lambs mother abused the lion couple of years ago.
    What a jungle we are living in …

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