The trigger-happy lot


The tragic death of Sarfraz Shah, who was a victim of the brutal trigger-happy killing of few members of Rangers, has cast a gloom on the otherwise fruitful role played by Rangers in guarding the large majority of citizens of Karachi from the goons and target killers that have played havoc with lives of citizens.

It would be grossly unfair not to compliment the role of Rangers in restoring some sense of civil order in Karachi, whose citizens have been robbed and killed by gangs of armed men who have made a business out of illegal forceful occupation of land and drugs.

While these individuals should be severely reprimanded and given exemplary punishments, it is important we analyse the causes which have led to an otherwise disciplined force to have amongst their rank and file such unguided missiles.

Without holding the main culprits and beneficiaries of this crime accountable, it would be grossly unfair to blame these junior officers in isolation for this inhumane act, and letting go those responsible for creating this mindset.

Such incidents involving members of disciplined forces like Rangers and FC was unheard of till Musharraf took over and started a reign of terror, using these forces to cobble together political partners to give some legitimacy to his illegitimate rule.