Punjab govt issues clarification


Apropos a news item published in a section of the press, the Punjab government spokesman has clarified that through the Yellow Cab scheme the government has decided to provide 20000 Yellow Cabs to deserving jobless youth through a transparent, merit-based arrangement to ensure only genuine, deserving individuals benefit from it. The Punjab government has allocated an amount of Rs 4.5 billion in the next provincial budget.
Discussing different projected launched by the provincial government, he said that the Daanish School System, Ashiana Housing Project, Punjab Endowment Fund, sending of shining students abroad on educational and study visits, promotion of education in poor communities through public-private partnership under the umbrella of Punjab Education Foundation and other public friendly initiatives of the Punjab Government show the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s commitment to public welfare. The Punjab governments projects are conducted transparently, the spokesman said.