People throng Sunday bazaars as mercury drops


The prices of vegetables and fruits remained stable in the Sunday bazaars of the city. The Saturday night thunderstorm provided people with a welcome relief from the oppressive weather and they showed up in large numbers at Sunday bazaars although the weather turned a bit hot in the afternoon. Among fruits, mangoes remained the most favourite commodity for people from all age groups. Sold for Rs 50 to Rs 75 per kg, there was a slight decline in mango price compared to last week.
Among vegetables, potato price ranging between Rs 25 and Rs 30 per kg registered a slight increase from last week. However, the prices of other vegetables remained stable while some registered a decline. Onion was selling for Rs 13 per kg in most Sunday bazaars, showing a one rupee increase from last week’s Rs 12 per kg. Tomato sold for Rs 12 per kg, whereas last week it sold for Rs 10 per kg. On the other hand, the price of ginger dropped by Rs 2 per kg and it sold for Rs 92 per kg. The price of garlic also decreased by Rs 8 per kg and it sold for Rs 142 per kg.
People thronged Sunday bazaars early in the morning. However, as the temperature rose in the afternoon, the number of customers fell considerably.
“My sales were good in the morning but the afternoon high temperature resulted in a decrease in the number of people visiting the Sunday bazaar,” said vegetable vendor Pervaiz Akhter. “Low prices accounted to an increase in the number of customers.” “Fresh arrivals of mango varieties bridged the demand and supply gap, resulting in an increase in mango sales,” said fruit seller Shahbaz Ahmed.