‘60pc ADP 2011-12 for infrastructure development’


The provincial government has paid special attention towards infrastructure development in the new financial budget as over 60 percent of the funds under Annual Development Programme (ADP) have been reserved for physical infrastructure development, said Adviser to Chief Minister on Planning and Development Kaiser Bengali. He said this while briefing the journalists about the Sindh Budget 2011-12 during the post-budget press conference held on Saturday. “Nine sectors have been prioritised on the development side in terms of allocations in the new budget including agriculture, livestock, water and drainage (irrigation), transport and communication, industries, education, health, Thar Coal, and housing rehabilitation,” said Bengali.
The ADP 2011-12 has been formulated with the vision to move from ‘development of schemes’ to ‘development through programmes’ and the first step in this direction was to rationalise the ADP avoiding thin spread of allocation. A major scheme for rehabilitation of 200 flood-affected villages consisting of 400,000 houses has been included in the ADP with an allocation of Rs 2 billion. Similarly, another scheme for rehabilitation of flood-hit towns at a cost of Rs 5 billion has been included in the ADP. The government has also made a substantial allocation of Rs 11 billion for the road sector which is 7.2 percent of the overall development budget.
Some 369 schemes of which 100 percent funding was provided have not been included in the ADP 2011-12. In addition, all slow moving schemes initiated long before 2007-08 and having less than 25 percent utilisation were examined and total 341 such schemes were also not included in the new ADP. “This exercise has created a huge fiscal space for inclusion of new initiatives in the ADP 2011-12,” said the adviser. Around 499 unapproved schemes, included in the original ADP, are allocated Rs 41.79 billion with an average of Rs 83.750 million per scheme. Similarly, 483 new schemes are allocated Rs 47.136 billion with an average of Rs 97.59 million per scheme, “which shows the government’s commitment to provide sufficient funds for new schemes. In the new financial budget, due attention has been paid in awarding allocation to ongoing schemes to avoid thin spread of schemes. Around 58 percent funds (Rs 63.859 billion) of the total ADP have been allocated for ongoing 1254 schemes and the remaining amount of Rs 47.141 billion will be spent on new schemes.
“The issue of poverty is being addressed through adopting two-prong strategy: through the union council-based poverty reduction programme and its expansion in Sindh’s poor regions, where microfinance to the poor unemployed youth would be provided to enhance their income earning capacity; and, service delivery through civil society and corporate sector in the social sectors of education, health, water supply, sanitation, agriculture, livestock and fisheries is being provided through the civil society organisations to ensure it reaches the target population. “Funds to the tune of Rs 3.105 billion have been allocated in the budget for this purpose,” said the adviser.