Sarfraz Shah: friend or foe?


It appears that today our forces are being nurtured to have their sights firmly on the public. We see men and women shot without hesitation and questions asked later. Young Safraz Shah was murdered in Karachi even though he pleaded for his life. We have already had the South Waziristan operation resulting in thousands of casualties and now the North Waziristan is on the American supplied “to do list”.

On the other hand Raymond Davis who murdered two persons while a third was run over remained unharmed. He was arrested while all avenues were exhausted by our government in finding him an escape route. Apprehended Americans are regularly freed from sensitive locations without arrest, they sit arrogantly in their vehicles almost taunting security forces. Abottobad, not a bullet was fired by our forces on invading American helicopters. Drones could be destroyed but remain untargeted.

When our rulers are on our enemy’s payroll, it is even more vital our forces and we comprehend who our real enemy is.