Lawyers trash police constable at Aiwan-e-Adl


In another incident of lawyers beating policemen, Advocate Fahad Rathore thrashed Constable Noor Muhammad for stopping him from entering the Aiwan-e-Adl’s Judges Block on Saturday. Rathore was going to the Aiwan-e-Adl’s Judges Block and as he crossed the walkthrough gate, Noor who was on duty at the gate, stopped him for a body search. When the constable’s hand reached the lawyer’s ribs, he suddenly become infuriated and punched the constable’s face. According to some eye-witnesses, Rathore pushed Noor to the ground and then kicked in his face. Afterwards, the matter was brought to the notice of LBA Vice-President Chaudhry Arif Mahmood who summoned both to the committee room.
He tried to solve the matter amicably but Noor refused to pardon the lawyer. The constable went back to his place and refused to perform duty in such ‘insulting’ circumstances. As soon as LBA office-bearers came to know that Noor is going to get a medico-legal certificate to register a criminal case against Rathore, they again called the constable to the committee room where Rathore apologised from the constable. On this, Noor forgave Rathore.