SC takes suo motu notice of youth killing by Rangers in Karachi


Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry late Thursday took suo motu notice of the murder of an unarmed youth by the Rangers in Karachi and constituted a larger bench to hear the case.

The chief justice himself would head the 5-member larger bench. In this regard notices were issued to the federal and provincial (Sindh) interior secretaries, Sindh Police IG, Rangers DG and other officers concerned. They have been summoned by the court today (Friday).
The apex court in the light of the TV footage and other media reports took notice of the gory incident which was condemned by everyone and was echoed even in the Parliament of the country.


  1. Honorable Chief Justice Sahib.
    Thank you for taking Suo moto notice.Sixteen crore poor are daily killed like of yesterday dastardly event many times a day by the worst ever law order, the unprecedented butchering mehangi,highest ever tariffs of utilities due to rampant corruption unbearable in last 45 months of PPP-Zardari,MQM,ANP,MMA,MLQ worst ever incompetent corrupt governance.The entire state apparatus has become prisoner of the power and trillions dollars corrupt assets of above rulers and their evil wish and practices to permanently stay in every government for decades eg,MQM,MLQ etc.The irony is that they yet blame each other while sitting in coalition government with each other for their vested interests of power and ill gotten billion of dollars. Who knows, your honor better than you sir, of thousands of innocent Karachites have been killed in target killing by the coalition partners and exposed by Zulfikar Mirza ,Interior minister of Sind along with billions of dollars batthakhors proven by intelligence agencies .Sadly he was removed by PPP-Zardari to save its government in Center due to blackmailing threats of MQM.After they have done the worst to country, they come out as the most saintly people though worse than wicked, opportunistic devils. That is the political culture of our politicians. It is not one event of one young lad killed like any Bollywood film by ranger yesterday in Karachi; the country has been put to jeopardy by the above said coalition mafia and also irresponsible, egomaniac, selfish, corrupt opposition. Respected Sir, please must try MQM for around 3000 criminal cases,MR Zardari,Swiss bank case and NAB cases of opposition. The need of hour is also immediate trial of hundred of trillion dollars lost in corruption,incompetence,of state corporation, rental units,RS11000 loans, rising 6000 trillion in last 45 months,11000 trillion rupees corruption and hundred of trillion dollars stashed abroad by ruling elite in foreign banks which along with other above mentioned be recovered to save country. Another serious issue is ;why should government dole in trillions of rupees in salary-pension increases to government employees of whom 80 percent are corrupt,millionaire,billionaires to horrendously enhance corruption,lawleassness,laize faire culture etc.Please ,take suo moto notice of this year proposed increase in salaries and pension costing state famished exchequer by in trillion of rupees as it is malafide and tantamount to pre poll rigging. In fact it intrinsically aims to create and increase PPP-Zardari vote bank along with 70 lakh to one crore already aimed from Benazir Income support like funds from state exchequer and nor a penny from PPP-Zardari personal or party funds. By such foul practices already hundred of trillion rupees has dried the exchequer in deficits and red ruined , ruined poor and adversely hurting our state economy enslaving us to IMF,drones,UK,NATO,USA. Please most respected hnor, forbid GOP to with one sweeping selfish-vested injurious acts as just elaborated (at the cost of poor man taxes already crunched by hunger by state corruption and incompetence),which in turn has not resulted in only increasing corruption by thousand of times and astronomically rises in prices of bare essential killing the poor to even deprive them to breathe especially in last forty five months of present rulers. Honorable CJP Sahib, please get us rid of target killers, liars, bathakhors, looters, plunderers, pirates,blackmailers,liars,opportunists,mufadprasts,qatils,munafaks,Mir Jaffers,Mir Sadiks from our country once for all .

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