Islam teaches equal application of law, says CJP


Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said Islam has underlined the need to have a society based on equal application of rules and laws. He said this while addressing newly appointed under-training polices officers here Thursday. He said, “A state has three organs legislature, judiciary and executive. The legislature makes law; the judiciary interprets it and the executive is to enforce it.” Administration of justice was not the duty of only courts; all stakeholders were required to play their role in dispensing justice, he said and added the role of police was the most apparent in criminal justice system because they were the first to be approached by victims or aggrieved people. He noted in every society the responsibility of keeping the people safe from the unfair acts of others was entrusted to some institutions while the police force was responsible for maintaining peace and tranquility in the society.
“With the advent of science and technology the world is passing through so much enormous changes that impact the crimes and their forms. Modes of commission of crime are also going through transition. It is equally important to acquire and use latest scientific equipment and modern knowledge in detecting and preventing crime,” he observed.