‘Three Cups’ author undergoes heart surgery


The embattled author of ‘Three Cups of Tea’ has undergone open-heart surgery nearly two months after reports questioned the accuracy of the book and whether he benefited from the charity he founded, the charity’s spokeswoman said. Doctors discovered an aneurysm, in addition to a hole, in Greg Mortenson’s heart that had left him with low oxygen levels, Central Asia Institute acting director Anne Beyersdorfer said. Surgeons repaired the hole and tied down the aneurysm, she added. “We feel very fortunate it did not burst or throw a clot,” Beyersdorfer said. She told that the operation took place last week but she declined to say where it was performed or where Mortenson was recuperating. She said he is expected to eventually return to his Bozeman home for a recovery that could take weeks or months. Mortenson entered a Bozeman hospital after reports surfaced in April alleged he lied about events in his best-selling book. The reports from ‘60 Minutes’ and author Jon Krakauer also questioned whether Mortenson financially benefited from the institute and whether CAI built the number of schools it claimed. Last month, two Montana lawmakers filed a lawsuit against Mortenson, claiming they were duped into buying the book and donating to his charity based on lies.


  1. For those in Pakistan who choose to believe Krakauer over Mortenson, beware! Mr. Krakauer has a long reputation for blaming others, for making mistakes in his own books. Even after experts point out his errors, and Krakauer refuses to ever admit his own mistakes, and almost never corrects them.

    The truth is he wrote a book about Afghanistan that is very critical of our government and military there. Mr. Mortenson's books, which promote peace between the countries was outselling his books 2 to 1. Mr. Krakauer is the liar here. And this is a book publishing war. He killed Mortenson's book sales in 15 minutes with the story he fed to 60 Minutes on a platter, and then called Mansur Mahsud to tell him to sue Mortenson for libel. He is no man of honor. Do not believe him.

    Greg Mortenson did not defraud anyone. He may have made mistakes in time and place, but the schools are there, the students have teachers where they can find them, but his twenty years of work and effort to help these people has been ruined by a man with mountainous ego, and that man is Mr. Krakauer.

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