Qasr-e-Zouk accused remand extended


An accountability court on Wednesday extended the judicial remand of Adil Saleem Tikka, nominated in a property fraud case until June 22. Tikka transferred the property known as QASR-e-ZOUK and owned by Sheikh Muhammad Ayub, using fake documents.
NAB had nominated Tikka on the Supreme Court’s directions issued during the hearing of a suo motu case. The court, while extending the judicial remand, directed NAB to file the reference against the accused by the next date of hearing
PHYSICAL REMAND EXTENDED: An accountability court on Wednesday extended the physical remand of Javed Iqbal and Muhammad Shafi, partners in Khalid Oil Mills Vehari, until June 22. Iqbal and Shafi had been arrested on charges of obtaining pecuniary advantage of Rs 4.69 million by illegal means.
They availed running cash facility from MCB Vehari in 2003-4 against a pledged stock of cottonseed oil and sunflower oil cake. Subsequently the accused misappropriated the pledged stock without paying outstanding liability thus causing a loss of Rs 4.69 million to the bank.


  1. I am really surprised and disgusted at the same time that the Pakistan media seems to continue to spread false news and accusation without as much as checking the facts about the cases they report perhaps it dose not pay it reporters enough money for them to really check the facts before submitting a report.or is it that they just get the report from government organisations and just print it without finding out the facts behind the case. let to correct some fundamental errors in the above story.Adil Saleem the acused is not Adill Saleem tikka only relation he has with the corrupt tikkas is that he is sone inlaw of iqbal tikka who is the main acused of the Qaser Zuq scam.and is now in hinding from the Nab autherties togather with his other sone in-law hamad tikka and his brother Azim tikka .who through Making Adill as a benamedar of hammad tikka have framed him in this plot and left him to rot in prison for the last 3 months Adil have not been charged with any crime under nab Law so far even though he has co operated with them fully until they framed him to arrests him just to please the suprem court chief justice to show that they have apprehended a tikka from the qasre zuq scam. since then tikka are out on bail while they have let Adill to rot in jail.In the last hearing of the case the tikkas withdrew their bail and went under ground despite promising the high court that they will settle their debt with Nab.So as the judges canto see the wood for the trees thinking that adil is related to tikkas so he must be involved in the scam without looking at the merits of the case decided on the case rather then consider his bail petition .It gets more confusing as the judge ordered adill to pay 34 % of the amount for the plots that were sold by Hamad tikka and recieved all the money for them the sum of 75 Lakh rupees the judge wants Adil to pay this to Nab chairman who dose not exist It makes one wonder what planet these people live on their decision seem to be made on the whim on the day rather then looking at the merits of the case but I am afraid that is what one can expect from justice of a corrupt to the core country and it justice system.Its chief Justice dose not even have the courtesy to reply to the letters written to him as perhaps they disappear before even they reach him God Help this country.

    • The fact That Adil Saleem is not Adill Saleem tikka has been Posted on Many places on the net and in Papersa but Nab in Punjab is still telling the press that Adill Is a Tikks its the only way they can save their skin and jobs as they have no case against Adill which will be proved in due course.

      • Nab Lahore has been after tikkas for months but now they dare not aresst them depite the fact that they have no bail in place if they do they will learn that Adill has been framed in this case by Hamad and Iqbal tikka

    • Case ll be decided on merits. Its irrelevant whether he is tikka or not and we should not indulge into the personal matters of son in law and father in law. My thoughts and prayers are with Adil and his parents.

      • It is painful to see what can be done in the disguise of relationship. Tikkas are known for their corruption. They take pride on what they do through their corrupt practices. For them greed and venom are norms. It seems that Adil did not offer the serving to fulfill their courrupt greed. Sadly they are prevailing as they have opening challanged the court of law as officials publically acknowlege tha they can't be touched. It seems that Adil struggle represent the struggles the society is going through. Hope that he stays strong and people come forward to support the principles he has been fighting for

  2. You will be suprised to know about the wrong doings that Adil Saleem Khan has been involved with even in the UAE where he worked briefly. He had to be deported from the UAE. I think NAB has done a good job.

  3. This is totally False news….He is not Adil Saleem Tikka..He is Just Son in Law of Iqbal Tikka. His real name is Barrister Adil Saleem Khan belonged to noble and respected family of Gujranwala……

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