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Rabbani wants open debate on Senate opposition selection

Senator Raza Rabbani on Tuesday proposed separate and open debates in the Senate on issues such as a member of a party wishing to vote against the party’s desire or the process for an independent candidate’s voting for electing the House opposition leader. Rabbani said such questions were extremely important and had profound implications, adding that answers to the question would help resolve the dispute among opposition parties regarding the election of the leader of the opposition and run the House smoothly.
“Parliament must show maturity and it is capable of solving it. Discussions should be held openly on this issue, as there are some known experts of law in the House,” Rabbani said, adding that a legal debate would enhance the prestige of the Upper House. He said that some members had sought remaining in the opposition despite admitting party affiliation and claiming the right to vote, which had profound legal implications.
Rabbani said it also needed to be defined whether FATA members were independent members or a group of independent members, and what was their position and rights regarding voting, “It should be decided whether they are required to have affiliation with the treasury or the opposition for being eligible to vote,” he said. Rabbani said senators Waseem Sajjad, SM Zafar, Nayyar Bukhari, Professor Khursheed, Zafar Ali Shah and Azam Swati were experts in legal affairs and must put forward their arguments in light of the constitution for resolving the issue. Senate Chairman Farooq Naik agreed with Rabbani, saying time would be fixed for the discussion in the coming days. Leader of the House Nayyar Bukhari said House proceeding should be conducted per rules.

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