Imran gives green signal to Marvi Memon to join PTI


Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q) legislator Marvi Memon has stepped up her contacts to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after being disappointed over PML-Q joining government and her differences with Chaudhry brothers.

Sources said on Wednesday that Chaudhry brothers tried their best to woo Marvi Memon back to party but their efforts could not prove productive. On the other hand, Marvi has decided in principle to bid adieu PML-Q for ever. She has made formal contact with Imran Khan to join PTI and Imran Khan has also given green signal to her on this count.

The sources said that Marvi Memon wanted to get a top position in PTI while Imran Khan has started consultation process with his party leaders in this connection.


  1. Marvi Memon would be perfect for PTI. We will finally get to see another person on talk shows representing PTI other than Imran Khan.

  2. she has "shades of sincerity" in a "sea of filth". But Imran need money, guns and lawyers. Anything is better than the HIPPOS in office

  3. Marvi has stood for the rights of week,poor.She would be strength to TIP and I would request all conscientious, honest persons in all political parties or generally to join Imran and get country rid of plunderes,pirates,polluters(PPP),mufadprasts,
    qatils,munafaks(MQM)-munafaks,looters,qatils),MLQ- Munafak,mufadprsats amils-(MMA)–ANP,anti nation party–MLN (munafadprasts,looters,nakis).It is the need of hour.Destroy corrupt and enemies within and without.

  4. You need to process certain comments and not post them.Is this aam shehri commenting about someone from his or her family? In that case ghar ki baat ghar main rakho.

  5. she indeed is a brave women! but in a current situation we need to watch what these politicians do, not what they say!

  6. I personally would love the step of Marvi bcuz Imran khan needs a speaker and i m sure that Marvi z the perfct option who can stand side by side. she can b a part n bringng chang.

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