The problem of students


Student unrest can be seen in many countries of the world today. In almost all the democratic countries, student show at times their unrest through strikes, procession and demands of different kinds.

There is an economic reason for student unrest. Many students, especially in the developing countries like ours, are poor. Another cause of unrest is their interest in active politics. Some of them work for political parties.

Unfavourable social and economic conditions are very much responsible for student’s unrest. For example, large scale unemployment sets them thinking that their studies may not help them in getting employed. The teachers do not enjoy good position in society, and so become dissatisfied with their profession.

Films, novels, magazines and pictures about crime and sex have disturbing effects on young minds. Foreign films and publications about crimes like murder and robbery promote criminal ideas and thinking. Films and TV programmes about artificial (or outward) life of rich and showy people make us uneasy and restless.

We need quick economic and scientific development. This will increase the incomes of the people. They will be able to provide their children with more education and other facilities. However, students should learn to live simply. No political party or leader should encourage students to take active part in politics. Parents, teachers and other responsible people should advise students to remain away from politics.