Meera’s show irks countrymen


Meera is drawing widespread ire in her country for participating in a reality TV wedding show where she is out to select a groom.
‘Kaun Banega Meera Pati,’ being aired on Pakistan’s locals TV, draws inspiration from the format of Indian shows such as ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ and the currently aired ‘Ratan Ka Rishta’.
On the show, Meera is currently getting acquainted with her 13 prospective grooms, one of whom will win her hand in the finale. The show has been on air in Pakistan for three weeks so far.
The show promos feature Meera, who has acquired the reputation of being Pakistan’s drama queen, as a coy and blushing bride. “I am looking for an ordinary person with extraordinary qualities, to be my husband,” she said.
Meera has declared that in the 26th and final episode, she will choose one of the 13 men for marriage. The prospective grooms include a software manager in a multinational firm, a civil engineer and a restaurant manager. “I am hopeful that I will be able to find the man of my dreams on this show,” she said in the first episode.
While the show has raised curiosity so far because it is a novel concept in the country, a section of hardliners are clearly not happy with the idea of a Pakistani woman openly selecting her groom from among several men.
While the channel has not received any official protest yet, many feel that sustaining the show till its end could be difficult – what with the growing animosity on the net towards the concept. Clips of the show on YouTube, for instance, have drawn nasty comments about the actress and her prospective grooms.
One person wrote: “an inside source told me that all the losers (guys) are actually struggling artists and they get between 2500- 5000 Rs per episode for this show, Meera’s boyfriend is actually the producer of the show”.
Meera has remained a controversial figure. Not long ago, reports did the rounds suggesting she was married to a Pakistani businessman Atiq- Ur- Rehman. Meera, however, subsequently denied the reports. In 2005, Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt launched her opposite Ashmit Patel in their production, ‘Nazar’.
The film bombed despite Meera sharing some steamy scenes with Ashmit for which she even received death threats from fundamentalists.
Meera recently returned to the limelight when she publicly accused Mahesh Bhatt of slapping her on the sets of his film.