Coalition partners want review of jihad policy


Leaders of the coalition government are concerned and disturbed over the PNS Mehran base attack and the Abbottabad incident, but stand firm on their resolve to fight the menace of terrorism by revisiting the country’s policy on jihad and improved community participation.
Calling for devising a national counter-terrorism strategy to defeat the menace of terror, MQM’s Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Dr Farooq Sattar told Pakistan Today that the government lacked a serious approach to rid the country of militancy. “This is a defining moment and we should work on war footing to counter the enemy’s designs. We need to devise a clear policy by deciding once and for all that whether it is a war of the US or ours,” he said.
The MQM leader lamented that the government lacked the needed seriousness to tackle the issue, as after the PNS Mehran attack, only one cabinet meeting had discussed the issue but no counter-terrorism policy was evolved. “With the country facing terrorism and millions of questions being raised by the international community, no serious approach has been adopted by the government. We need to draw a line between our friends and foes, traitors and faithful,” he said.
Sattar said the government needed to offer economic support to the downtrodden and poor people, rather than focusing on the use of power against the extremists. Stressing the need for upgrading community participation in anti-terrorism monitoring, Sattar said efforts should be launched to make the cities and rural habitat crime free.
“Town vigilance committees and community participation should be increased against militants and extremists, as crimes provide base to extremist elements. Common man should be the eyes and ears of the government and the government will have to bridge the trust gap for the purpose,” he added. He said the monitoring of madrassas was also imperative, adding that there were around 2,000 illegal seminaries in Karachi that needed to be monitored.
PML-Q leader Riaz Hussain Pirzada, said he saw a link between the terrorist attack on PNS Mehran base with the unanimous resolution passed by parliament to revisit and change the country’s foreign policy and its engagement in war on terror. “The sophisticated weapons and modern gadgets used by terrorists and the impeccable planning to carry out such an attack suggests that the attack was not carried out by some insane mullahs trained in Pakistan. Rather, it hints that the attack was a rejoinder to the parliamentary resolution,” he said, adding that carrying out an attack on a military installations was no simple job.
ANP’s Secretary Information Zahid Khan said his party leaders were the whistleblowers in the early 1980s when Pakistan decided to jump into the Afghan war in the name of jihad toe the US’ lines. “Those who labelled the Afghan War a war between Islam and infidels are responsible for the mess we are now facing. The mullahs minted billions of dollars while we are paying a huge price for this strategic mistake,” he said. Khan said Pakistan urgently needed to revisit its policy of supporting the “good Taliban”.
“We cannot fool the entire world anymore. We can’t hide anything in today’s world and terms of good and bad Taliban should be abandoned,” he added. Strongly criticising PTI chief Imran Khan and JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman for opposing Pakistan’s cooperation with the US in the war on terror, the ANP senator said the war was Pakistan’s more than any other country. PPP Secretary Information Qamar Zaman Kaira said his party’s government was committed to root out the menace of terrorism, as it was itself a victim of the menace of terrorism.


  1. MQM in its most quoted'usali moouakaf' should resign from government,if it is not serious in its approach to tackle terrorist problem.They make this complain ever since they are coalition partner of PPP-Zardari.But would not leave government be it Sind or Center.WHY?bECAUSE ALL THEIR AXES ARE GRINDED.nO ACTION OF HUNDRED OF BIOONS DOLLARS BATHAKHORRI,THOUSANDS OF TARGET KILLINGS,25OOO ARMED MILITANTS,URBAN TRAINED TERRORIST BEST ARMED UNDER THE NOSE PPP-ZArdari government who does not bother whether it damages national interests or country,his throne must be saved by target killers,bathakhors,opportunists,munafaks,qatils,mufadprasts of highest porder pretending saints.'usali' but devils.WHY DO NOT YOU RESIGN/yOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FPR ALL DONE TO PAKISTAN IN EVERY SHERE OF LIFE YEY YOU WANT TO LOOK CLEAN WHEN YOUR HANDS ARE BLOOD TAINTED AND MUDDIED.

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