CIA claims seizing arms and ammunition


Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Organised Crime Branch on Sunday claimed to have seized a large amount of arms and ammunitions during a crackdown against illegal arms dealer in the city during the last few days. Around 45 shops of arms and ammunitions were thoroughly checked by CIA under direct supervision of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Investigation Abdul Razzaq Cheema and SP Umer Virk.
During the crackdown, police took 10 arms dealers into custody for interrogation while four shops have also been sealed on charges of having bogus licenses. The teams recovered two rifles (8mm), nine rifles (7mm), two rifles (244bore), six pistols (9mm), one rifle (222bore), 99 pump actions, two shot gun (12bore), three guns (12bore), one pistol (25bore), 82 pistol (30bore), 10 revolver (32bore), five gauzy gun, 32,761 bullets and 9,930 live cartridges.
Holding a press conference at CIA Kotwali, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Investigation Ali Amir Malik along with Cheema and Virk, said that the recent crackdown against illegal arms and ammunition was launched after police observed excessive use of arms. During interrogation, police were astonished to know that almost each arms dealer has established numerous ammunitions shops in different parts of the city after obtaining a single license.