Govt presented a people-friendly budget: PM Gilani


Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that despite many challenges and problems, government succeeded in presented a people-friendly budget.
Talking separately to the office-bearers of Multan Press Club, delegation of resident editors, and Ulema, he said that despite such massive challenges as floods, terrorism and extremism, this budget was a ‘great achievement’, which showcased that national economy is ‘heading for success’.
He assured that masses would soon be able to see relief, and said that government had taken similar sincere efforts regarding transferring of resources and NFC awards, while federal government would also be disbursing allocations.
The PM said that it was the right of Pakistani masses to be able to listen to the budget speech made by finance minister, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, but PML-N’s hooliganism ruined this right.
“However despite this PPP would keep democratic intentions intact and not repeat this hooliganism during the presentation of Punjab budget”, he affirmed.
Meanwhile talking to Ulema delegation, the PM stressed that Ulema should also enlighten their students with world affairs alongside providing religious knowledge, enabling them to play their due part in national progress.
He also directed the interior minister to coordinate with Ulema in order to evolve a joint and unanimous syllabus for them. He also stressed on Ulema to unite to combat the menace of terrorism and extremism; as Islam preached brotherhood, peace and harmony.
Speaking on the occasion, the Ulema lauded the government’s stance on sanctity of Prophethood, which indicated government’s commitment and zeal towards religious tenets.
The PM also met delegations from Multan High Court, district bar, and photojournalists associations, and assured to solve the problems faced by lawyers.


  1. Zardari-PPP,Galani,MQM,ANP,MLQ friendly budget and for friendly firing opposition.FOR POOR,IT IS A CURSE which is visiting every house ever since ppp-mqm,anp,mma,mlq formed the coalition to destroy pakistan and poor.Please do not utter the word 'friendly,relief',it does not behove well for you.You are not born for it.

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