Bridge event at Royal Palm from today


The top bridge players of Lahore will converge to the awesome atmosphere of the Royal Palm Bridge Room for participation in the World Wide Bridge Contest and become a part of this globally hosted event. It is an event where Pakistani bridge players get an opportunity to compete against players from all over the world, playing at over 200 centres. This international championship will be a milestone for the high profile bridge contenders from Lahore and when the two days event commences at 4.30pm on Friday, the flamboyant pairs like the father and son combination of Mirza Shauq and Asfanyar will be seen at their very best demonstrating all their acquired competing ingredients like attitude, focus and deep understanding of the strategic moves, necessary to emerge as the prominent ones. Other pairs who are obsessed with display of bridge playing skills are Izzat Khalil and Jehangir, Ghias Malik and Arshed, Rana Kamal and Salman Bokhari, Ahsan and Zia, Brig Izzat and Mukhtar, Sajid Bokhari and Jehangir Rehman and Sarfraz Butt and Kamila Alamgir. From Lahore 30 more established bridge pairs will be a part of the challenge. With technological support readily available through the Ecats Bridge System, the scores will be evaluated within seconds and each competing pair will be able to know how they have fared and where they stand. The scores from around the world makes the stakeholders a part of the excitement buzz, generated by changing scores. The World Wide Bridge Contest will conclude on June 4.