Govt notifies increase in power tariff


Ministry of Water and Power has issued the notification regarding increase in power tariff by 0.92 paisa per unit.

The distribution companies would receive Rs 6 billon extra during the current month. The notification was issued on account of fuel adjustment surcharge for the month of February and March.

NEPRA has allowed reduction of 0.9 paisa per unit for the month February while increased the rate of electricity by Rs 1.1 per unit in March but the notification was issued with the delay of two months as the ordinance about issuing notification became ineffective. The increase would be charged to the consumers in current month.


  1. The electricity supply will not improve, load shedding will continue, voltage will remain low.yet the cost of electricity should go up. The government should separate the electricity supply and electricity generation from one another. The companies which supply electricity should not generate electricity and those who generate should not supply.

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