Pakistani artists’ works sell like hot cakes in Singapore


A large number of paintings were sold in Singapore’s exhibition of Pakistani artists’ work. About 56 paintings out of 75 displayed in the group of 13 Pakistani artists were sold almost at once. In the exhibition titled “Artistic Fusions from Pakistan,” on display were the selected artworks of Iqbal Hussain, Jimmy Engineer, Mashkoor Raza, Mansur Rahi, Hajra Mansur, AS Rind, AQ Arif, Salman Farooqi, Tariq Javed, Abrar Ahmad, Amjad Butt, Mussarat Arif and Maham Gul.
The group show was organized by the Revivers Galleria in collaboration with the Pakistan High Commission in Singapore and some other sponsors at the Arts House in Singapore. Proceeds from Pakistani artist group paintings exhibition were to be donated towards rehabilitation and relief of the earthquake victims of Japan and flood hit Pakistanis. Three paintings were auctioned as well and received a lot of money for charity. Jimmy Engineer and, owner of the Revivers Galleria, Sara Anjum, who curated the exhibition have returned home from Singapore.