CIA relied on Afghan spies to monitor Osama’s compound


Instead of sharing intelligence about the hideout of al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad with Pakistan, the United States not only took the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Afghanistan’s premier intelligence agency, into confidence on the vital issue but also used its operatives to monitor bin Laden’s compound for months before he was finally killed in a US special forces raid on May 2.
Within a few days of bin Laden’s, US media reports revealed that there was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) office in Abbottabad that was used to keep an eye on the al Qaeda chief’s compound located near the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), Kakul. Pakistani officials here are deeply perturbed after having confirmed intelligence reports that it was not only the CIA that had a safe house in Abbottabad but another house located near bin Laden’s compound was also used by operatives of the NDS.
“This revelation has bedevilled further the ties between Islamabad and Washington as Pakistani authorities are angry that the Afghans were trusted by the US for a sensitive operation for which they were not considered owing to lack of trust in them on the part of American officials,” said a Pakistani official, who wished to remain unnamed, here on Sunday. He said the Afghan intelligence operatives were seemingly a large family from the neighbouring country who had rented the house almost a year ago, with several women also living in the same house.
“Now we have come to know that the house of the Afghans was also frequented by CIA operatives of and on,” he said. He said the issue would be raised with US authorities in days to come, and Pakistan would register a strong protest not only with Washington but also with the Karzai administration in Kabul. An intelligence official here also confirmed that the Afghan spies were used by the CIA for keeping an eye on bin Laden’s compound. He said that the Afghans left their house a few days before the US forces carried out the raid to kill the al Qaeda chief.
He said the Pakistan government had earlier decided to demolish bin Laden’s compound after it was thoroughly checked by Pakistani security agencies, but the decision was withdrawn after the government acceded to the US request that the CIA be granted access to the compound.


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