Naek invites Polish businessmen


Senate Chairman Farooq H.Naek has invited business houses based in Krakow, Poland to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan. He encouraged Polish companies to set up an exclusive Polish economic zone in Pakistan and expand business and trade relations between the two countries.
On the last leg of his visit to Poland, Naek met the Governor of Krakow Stanislaw Kracik who hosted a banquet in the honour of the Senate delegation in the evening, says a press release. The bilateral meeting with the governor focused on enhancing economic, cultural and educational linkages between the two countries, to expand the scope of bilateral relations.
He evinced great interest in Pakistan’s investment friendly regime and expressed deep appreciation for Pakistan’s leadership and society for their dedicated struggle against the menace of terrorism. He welcomed Pakistan’s joining the celebrations of European Football Championship next year. Krakow, being the economic, cultural and educational hub of Poland houses offices of international brands, business support associations and chambers of commerce of a number of countries.
Naek also held meeting with Deputy Governor of Krakow Adrzej Haiezlak and briefed him about current situation in the South Asian region and the leading role being played by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism. He stressed that the government and people of Pakistan were committed to eliminate the scourge of terrorism to make the world a safer place. He shared with the governor the sacrifices in men and material made by Pakistan in this regard, which surpassed the combined losses incurred by ISAF during the last ten years in Afghanistan.
He underlined that Pakistan was waging this war for its own security and for the entire humanity. Naek also laid a wreath at the tombs of former Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria Kaczynska, who perished in a tragic aircrash at Smolensk, Russia on April 10, 2010, along with 95 others on board, including Poland’s top military and civilian leadership.
Chairman Senate further expressed best wishes for Poland’s forthcoming Presidency of the European Union in the latter half of the current year. He also wished Poland success in hosting the 2012 European Football Championship.
Chairman Senate paid a visit to the 640 years old Jagiellonian University. He also visited Geofizyka Krakow, a geophysical and geological surveying company which is maintaining its presence in Pakistani market since 1998.
He was received by Chief Executive Officer of the company Leopold Sulkowski and Chairman of the Board, who is the Honorary Consul of Pakistan in Poland. The Senate chairman invited Geofizyka and Oil and Gas Exploration Company (OGEC) to expand their scope of work in Pakistan.