Why a criminal’s haven?


Rampant corruption within police, lower judiciary, civil or uniformed bureaucracy and the executive have transformed what Quaid created to be a democratic welfare state into a criminal’s haven.

Amir Khan was imprisoned for murder, but as soon as he decided to rejoin MQM, he was released. Moonis Elahi, Ayaz Niazi and the likes of Makhdooms of Sindh will get away with their crimes, because state power will be used to pressurise the witnesses to withdraw their statements. Those guilty of allowing thousands of containers containing prohibited weapons and other contraband goods will be allowed to get away because they are billionaires, who can buy their way through.

Today foreign criminals wanted for crimes can easily enter this country through airports, seaports or other border check posts by bribing those who are tasked to stop such entrants. Even those who robbed poor Hajis are being provided protocol.

With such lawlessness and corruption prevailing at the top echelons of our power corridors, no wonder terrorism has gained roots in this country. Even the humiliation of PNS Mehran, or the Abbotabad incident has failed to shake both those who wield power, or those who are elected to serve the people.





  1. Unfortunately all these criminals have support of major political parties and the MQM takes the cake for expertise in politics of violence.

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