We are not safe


The people inhabiting Karachi face great mental anguish each day. There is no knowing when we’ll be robbed or how. The sense of safety is decreasing day by day and not even our homes are safe. All that we’ve worked so hard to attain is taken away in just a few hours leaving us back where we started or worse. As if this wasn’t terrible enough, even during marriages entire halls are robbed of money and jewellery alike, leaving women shaken and shattered. Owning gold isn’t easy considering today’s inflation and when it is all taken away, one is filled with despair and anger.

Moreover, our cell phones are snatched by people who may or may not be thieves and in some cases we give away our belongings to a thug who does not even possess a weapon because we are too afraid to risk being shot if he does. We the Karachiites are frustrated and full of unrest, unable to perform well in such an environment. It is high time the government and respective authorities took proper action and provided its citizens with the security and protection which is not only our right but we deserve it.