Pakistan rejects US appeal, plans to review drone campaign


Pakistani officials angered by the secret US raid that killed Osama bin Laden declared they would conduct a full review of operations by US drone aircraft over the country and rebuffed an appeal by visiting US officials not to close military intelligence liaison centers, US and Pakistani officials said.

Officials on both sides described Friday’s meeting as blunt, and acknowledged that serious disagreements remained. But they said the two sides also agreed that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

A senior US official in Washington said that the Pakistani officials rebuffed a US request not to close the liaison offices in Peshawar and Quetta that have been used to share intelligence on militants with Pakistani ground forces, reported The Los Angeles Times.

Pakistan recently ordered US special operations personnel at the so-called “intelligence fusion cells” to leave the country, a setback for US efforts to form closer ties with Pakistani units fighting militants along with the border with Afghanistan.


  1. We must reject their every demand… ties with America are fatal for Pakistan….

    • If you really care for the welfare of Pakistan kindly cooperate with united states and the rest of the inter national community to eliminate religious terrorism from the soil of the nation.Allah never preaches the Muslim jihad hist to plant bombs at mosques and markets to kill the innocent civil population who are fellow Muslims and BELIEVERS.

  2. Why does not want our GOP want Americans to tell who gave them the first information of Osamas' compound? Must be Pakistani human intelligence or somewhere who gave them thousands of visas over and above intelligence agencies. Was it not help? Why did not America catch incapacitated Osama alive when one or two women could not resist his arrest?Surely,there is a security lapse of agencies who cannot be absolved of their negligence but it is more the Karachi politics between Zardari-MQM for around now two years which kept bathakhori and target killings taking top priority over national security engaging Rehman Malik 99% in bringing around MQM in Zardari-PPP net to protect its power in Center which detracted agencies etc from national security. It is the shoddiest –corrupt politics between PPP-Z and MQM,MR Altaf Hussein who inciting mutiny, rebellion in defense forces in live speeches from his London home for his fraudulent ‘inklab’under the watch of PPP-Zardari which had kept nation, defense forces detracted from the core issues of PPP-Z,MQM,ANP,MLQ worst ever corrupt, incompetent government enslaving us to IMF,drones,UK,USA etc and Nawaz Sharif played a stupid role of keeping one eye closed to the disaster wrought by this coalition cartel..

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