National sovereignty being torn: Nawaz


Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharrif has said that the national sovereignty being torn to shreds and prompted a revolt for a change to set things right.
He said “we have to rebel against the status quo. We have the urge for retrieving our lost status and added that N-League would soon requisition the national assembly meeting on the Abbotabad incident.”
Addressing a gathering on the eve of Youm-e-Takbeer here, he said that there should be accountability and self-evaluation for moving ahead and added that if you support, then there would be enquiry, accountability and punishment. He said that Abbotabad and PNS Mehran incidents enquiries must be held. He said, “The two May incidents have been fatal, our sovereignty is torn into shreds, while we are being also held accused.”
He said that the system of accountability was being blocked in Pakistan. He said that democracy and accountability were correlative as the countries with strong democracy and accountability system were developed and prosper.
But the countries, which lacked democracy and accountability, were marred by regression. He said that the people wary of accountability were destroying democracy.
In his reference to Musharraf’s tenure, the PML-N chief said that he arrested the judges when he failed to extract a forced decision from them.
He also said that traitor judges decided in favour of dictators and gave them opportunity to tamper with constitution.
He said that Pakistan’s sovereignty was violated in Abbottabad and the commission formed to investigate the incident itself became a question.
The PML-N chief said that Pakistan was not isolated after nuclear blasts as half of the world stood by it, but the country was now stood alone.
He said that the prime minister should tell the nation what happened to the resolution passed by a joint session of parliament against the US drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal area.
Nawaz said that he was going to resolve Kashmir issue in 1999, but his government was usurped and he was held in Attock Jail.
Nawaz Sharif further said that Pakistan stood isolated on the international stage, adding that Pakistan could not allow the world community to ridicule it. Nawaz said Pakistanis can improve their condition only by rebelling from it. He criticised military regimes for manipulating the country’s judiciary and mistreating judges in case of unfavourable verdicts.