Five more arrested in connection with PNS Mehran attack


Security forces on Friday arrested five suspects believed to have been involved in the PNS Mehran attack in Karachi.
One of the suspects was arrested from Faisalabad while four others were arrested from Karachi. According to the media reports, one of the suspects, known as Qari Qaiser, aged 30, was living in the Satiana area of Faisalabad and originally hailed from Dera Ghazi Khan. The suspect was reported to be running a seminary (Madrassah) in DG Khan.
Qaiser was traced with the help of a cell-phone that was being used by terrorists. Intelligence agencies nabbed four suspects from various areas in Karachi. One of the suspects arrested is said to have an alias called Hamza.
They have been taken to an unknown location for questioning. Up to six militants, armed with rocket-propelled grenades, explosives and automatic rifles had attacked the navy airbase in Karachi on May 22.
They managed to destroy two P-3C Orion aircraft, costing an estimated $36 million, which had only been delivered by the United States a year ago. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had claimed the attack on the base, calling it revenge for the killing of al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.


  1. Does not matter how many suspects are arrested , Nobody will be sentenced and public will never know who was behind these attacks and it will go down in history in a mix of conspiracy theories.
    Same way 9/11 and all other "terrorist acts" are still unsoved

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