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Butt still hopes international return possible

Disgraced left-handed opener and former Test captain Salman Butt said that the passion still runs high in him for the game and will surely make a comeback in international cricket. “I have spent most of my life learning the art of the game and will continue to perfect my skills in all the fields of the game he is specialised,” he said. Salman said: “The love for the game will never end and I still have the passion for the game which I believe is God gifted.” Without giving specific details, he revealed that he had sacrificed a lot to play cricket at the highest level. He also stressed that playing international cricket demanded determination from players, a trait which he has always been blessed with. Butt insisted that he will resume his career after clearing his name and felt that he still had a lot more cricket left in him. He said that he was keeping himself in shape so that he could play competitive cricket after redeeming his integrity in the sport. “Right now, I’m training to keep fit. I’m barred from playing cricket at any level and I find that very odd,” the disgraced cricket reiterated. The 26-year-old, along with Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif was entangled in the scandal of spot-fixing when a sting operation by a British Tabloid “News of the World” caught them having links with a bookie by the name of Mazhar Majeed. The fiasco erupted when Amir and Asif deliberately bowled no-balls in the Lord’s Test against England in August of 2010. Apparently, after the no-balls were bowled the tabloid revealed the findings of their undercover operation to the local police. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was informed and the players were immediately barred from the remainder of the tournament. Later, the International Cricket Council (ICC) also imposed a preliminary ban on the players until an official hearing could look into the matter. Consequently, a three member tribunal held a hearing in Doha, Qatar, in February 2011, which found the accused trio guilty of all charges. Butt was subsequently banned for ten, Asif for seven and Amir for five years from all forms of cricket. During this time the players cannot take part in any ICC sanctioned cricket event.

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