Blame game continues between KESC management, workers


W ith no breakthroughs in the ongoing row between the Karachi Electricity Supply
Company (KESC) workers and their management, even the committee formed by Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah is yet to mediate to resolve their differences, while citizens continue to suffer from unscheduled power outages in the city.
The protest and the blame game continued from both sides on Wednesday without considering the fact that the issue is adding to the sufferings of consumers by causing a serious electricity crisis.
Though the protesting KESC workers claim they have nothing to do with the alleged closure of power company’s offices, the KESC management has started a media campaign against its workers by blaming them for disturbing the distribution system.
A statement issued by the KESC on Tuesday had stated that the issues would be resolved through negotiations and in a legal manner.
On Wednesday, KESC CEO Tabish Gauhar said the government needs to implement the laws regarding the sabotaging attempts to disrupt the power distribution system and maintenance work.
“Since May 9, a handful of hooligans have been trying to hold hostage the KESC and the 2 million power consumers of the city and to some extent they have succeeded. The negative impact of this situation has directly been disrupting the routine life and disturbing citizens. The government has the responsibility of protecting power supply system, KESC’s assets and personnel, in order to give relief to the helpless consumers from prolonged outages and local faults, resulting from sabotage and violence,” he said.
Gauhar maintained that the issues between the KESC management and the employees could only be resolved either through the ongoing talks or in courts.
“We have made it clear to the CBA that our foremost priority is to normalise the power supply system in the city as soon as possible,” he said.
In spite of the talks being held between the KESC and the CBA Union, violent attacks on KESC offices, harassment of employees and blocking of maintenance mechanism have not stopped, he said, adding that the CBA has yet to play its positive role in the best interests of the KESC and its consumers.
On Wednesday, KESC’s offices in State Life Building and Fleet Management Department in Qayyumabad were forcibly vacated by hooligans by hurling threats at the on-duty employees, who were also pushed out of the premises.
The saboteurs also damaged OCB Trolley in the PECHS, affecting local and outgoing power sources and restraining power supply through six sub-stations and 11 PMTs in Block 6.


  1. Kesc management is cheater, they are blame to PSO, Gas company, sindh Goverment, all political parties, Karachi citizens and kesc employees all concern department is guilty and create problem for kesc, only kesc is honest and  loyal  with citizens? It's true or false? please send your comments 

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