‘We must preserve our history and heritage’


history and heritage is our identity and they need to be preserved, Yasmeen Lari of the Heritage Foundation said on Wednesday. She was speaking to students of various schools on their visit to the Municipal Archives and Research Wing at the KMC Building.
Lari was of the view that the younger generation should be aware of its history. She also appreciated that the Municipal Archives and Research Wing in collaboration with the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) is preserving the history of Karachi.
On the occasion, Archaeologist Lutufullah Khan said that the history guides towards the right direction.
He also termed the historic building of the KMC as a landmark of the city. The Representative of the Cultural Section of the German Consulate in Karachi, Ali Akhtar, praised the efforts for preserving the history and heritage of the city.
Akhtar said that participation of school children in such events is beneficial as it would help foster awareness among them regarding history and heritage.