‘200 Iranian-trained Sipah-e-Muhammad activists hunting down ASWJ workers’


More than 200 activists of Sipah-e-Muhammad, trained from Iran and heavily armed, are hunting down workers of their rival sect, confessed Ali Muntazir, an activist of Sipah-e-Muhammad arrested last week from the Gulshan-e-Iqbal area by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Sindh Police. Muntazir confessed to have killed more than 20 activists of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), formerly the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan.
His victims included Rehan and Nadeem, both killed in 2010 in the jurisdiction of Airport police station. “Our high ups instructed us to kill ASWJ leaders and activists, and provided us with weapons and a list of leaders,” he told investigators. The terrorist also revealed that Sipah-e-Muhammad activists are imparted training in Iran, and like his other comrades, he made several visits for the purpose.
Some of these trained activists are deployed in various universities in Karachi, specially University of Karachi (KU), on the instructions of Sipah-e-Muhammad high-ups. They also have close ties in Federal Urdu University of Arts and Sciences, Dawood Engineering College, and other institutes, while weapons and banned literature are being provided to them. These activists enjoy the patronage of some influential teachers, and through them, are fanning sectarianism on campus.
Besides, some influential personalities in the government and its coalition partners are also supporting these elements. Sources in Crime Investigation Department (CID) told Pakistan Today that they were collecting data of all calls made by the terrorist through his cell phone. “The call log of the terrorist might be helpful for us to trace his companions in educational institutes and other parts of the city,” he said.
It is worth recalling that Pakistan Today in a previous investigative report on the issue had revealed that the banned Sipah-e-Muhammad was reorganising in KU, conducting classes, and disseminating hate-inciting literature. On the other hand, KU administration and teachers are taking sides in a mushrooming sectarian divide on campus but law enforcement personnel are least bothered in tackling the situation.


  1. KU administration and teachers are involve to create religious sectarianism, specially in Food and Sciences and B pharmacy dep.

  2. Government and Administration of Universities are just waiting for any bloodshed.

    • really disappointing … iran has now also joined hands to intervene in pakistan. last year , they also said that they will never hesitate to penetrate in pakistan for the sake of their own security (in baluchistan) …. i think no one is able to feel the difficulties of pakistan & everyone is going to destabilize our country ………..

  3. There are lot of problems in this regard. But law enforcement agencies have not interest to provide security.

  4. hidden war between pak and iran govt is not a new chapter but it goes on top when iran support american army in afghanistan to make a new supply route from sea port of iran to afghanistan due to which the importance of pakistani supply route will become weaker.

  5. Sipah-e-Muhammad
    naam hai us zulm k jawab jo jo yazidion nai hum per dhain hain
    us zulm ka jawab hai jinhon nai hamaray masjidon ko bomb blast sai rakh ker dai
    us zulm ka jawab hai jo hamaray jaloos-e-Imam hussain (a-S) per huwa,
    jab hakumat hamri hefazat na ker sakay to hum apni jaan ki hefazat kerna jaantay hain<
    pher b ager koi hamay terriost kehta hai to haaaaaan hum terriost hain

  6. Yazidiat Jaan le ab waqt aagaya hai Intiqaam ka.

    Ham Jo talwaar Ke Qabzay main kalai dainge
    Unke Ajdaad bhi qabroon se dohai dainge.


    • Hussainiat kay naam par matam karnay wallay yeh kiun nahi sumujtay kay shaheed zinda hotain hain, hence no need to cry, beat, cut ur selves. Allah Tum sab ko HIDAYAT DAAY!! Ameen!

      • kuta ka bacha matam karna hazoor pak (saw) , hazrat isha (r.a) ke sunat ha to kya ya ghalat ha

      • ap tou pehlay hidayat lay low deen se … hazrat yaqub nabi kyun roi the phr hazrat yousif nabi k gham me.. is baat ka kya jawab hai tmharay pas

  7. And we the poor Muslims stand and watch in shock and awe when Islam is already challenged by modernity, its threatened by fundamentalism, which the other side of the coin (or modernity)… Allah!

  8. MashaAllah, my Salams to this man and his mother! We need more jawans like this to show the idiots of ASWJ that your time has come!



  9. alhamdulillah ham bhi husaini hain laikin hamay koi shoq nahi apny shuhada kay maatam ka.
    Hazrat E Husain Zinda o tabinda hain.

  10. shia and iran exposed beyond any doubt sm terrorist are involved in sunni killings and aswj is giving tough time to them jiye aswj mein nokar sahaba da

    • it means u people encouraging them to fight against shias..that is not a good way to spread islam…just think about it my dear muslim brother..!!

    • nabi s.a..w.s. ko chorrr k sahaba k nokar banay bethay ho allah tumhe hidayat de…. terrist ko marne wala terrist nahi hota .

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