Wear helmets and avoid injury’


National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) N-5 Central organised a two-week special campaign to educate motorcyclists about the need of wearing a safety helmet.

On the directions of NH&MP Central DIG Fateh Sher Joyia, the campaign was launched by N-5 Central Zone to check various violations of road safety and traffic rules by the motorcyclists. The officers of National Highways and Motorway Police briefed the motorcyclists and other slow moving vehicles about the road safety measures. Banners bearing road safety slogans were displayed on the national highways and special stalls were installed at all the toll plazas.

During the campaign, 19,745 motorcyclists and 12,714 cyclists and pedestrians were briefed by the patrolling officers. Penalty tickets were issued to 6,925 motorists for driving without a safety helmet, taking an improper U-turn, driving recklessly, driving motorcycle without rear view mirrors, triple pillion riding and other violations. Mobile Education Unit of N-5 Central Zone also briefed 1,050 motorcyclists and 2,100 pedestrians and cyclists on road safety.