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PAMC and LMC merged as Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company

The Punjab government has notified the merger of Punjab Agriculture Marketing Company (PAMC) and Lahore Meat Company (LMC) under the name of Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company (PAMCO). Chief executives of PAMC and LMC have been instructed to finalise merger arrangements.
According to the notification issued by Livestock and Dairy Development secretary, the decision was taken in a meeting headed by Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif in a bid to increase the production of meat and agricultural products.
The new board of directors was also devised in the meeting for PAMCO, with the CM as the chairman of the board of directors and LMC CEO Dr Hamid Jalil as the CEO of new company. Other members of the board include provincial agriculture minister, MPA Arshad Jutt, MPA Kashif Rao, Punjab Agriculture secretary, Livestock and Dairy Development secretary, Mian Shoukat Ali, Dr Naveed Hamid, Dr Rehan Malik, Khalil Sattar, Ameer Abdullah and Rukhsana Zafar.
LMC was established last year to increase the breed of offspring of buffalos and cows to raise the production of meat.

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  1. sohail manzoor said:

    CM Punjab did great job to identify activists like Dr. Hamid Jalil , Mr. Jalil is a very potential and active person, he is the right person to convert ideas into practices, the recent development in livestock sector through this meat company is the first sustainable step towards national development. I am sure he will play active role in agriculture sector development as well. Wishing all the best to CM Punjab and Dr. Hamid Jalil.

    Sohail Manzoor
    Programe Manager NRSP Social Protection Programe

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