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Single parents protest outside LHC

In yet another gathering to create awareness about the issue of children isolated as a result of divorce or separation, My Foundation for Separated Children and Families (MFSCF) held their seventh protest to date outside the Lahore High Court. At the protest, parents said children were supposed to be a sign of happiness and fulfillment in a marriage or in any family and irrespective of the caste or social status, the joy of being a parent was inexpressible. Both parents would do anything for their children, protecting them from harm.
But as soon as a rift in their relationship develops, parents’ attitudes towards their children change who inevitably become victims in domestic disputes and arguments. They are denied their rights to be with their non-custodial parent by the custodial parent and having no choice left the non-custodial parents have to approach the Guardian Courts with a trust that the courts having the jurisdiction and authority not only to protect the rights of non-custodial parents but also to protect the rights of the children to be with both mother and father.
However, the parents said, the irony of the situation was that the Guardian Courts instead of protecting the rights of being a parent caused for situations where the parent was continually delayed in meeting his/her children who were wrongly separated from him/her. This time period could even extend to years if the case continued. “We are trying to address this act of non-consideration by the custodial parents and the courts concerned through our awareness campaign,” said Tariq Nawaz, from MISCF.
He said they organisation was trying to peacefully communicate the message to the judicial system that positive reforms were seriously required in the Guardian and Ward Act as the group believed that the right of a child was to be with both parents and they should not be denied of this right under any circumstances. The fault might be of the parents but the law is for the welfare of the child and this should be provided in true spirit, he said. The protest was attended by parents belonging to and supporting MFSCF.

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