‘Judges enjoying protocol but common man suffering’


Judges are receiving the same protocol enjoyed by the rulers, but the common people have to to face miserable conditions in both dictatorial and democratic forms of government, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Asma Jahangir said on Saturday. She was speaking at the ‘Meet the Press’ programme at the Karachi Press Club. “Only the upper class in the country is the real beneficiary both in the times of dictatorship or democracy. Common people in the country commit suicide due to their problems,” she said. “Lawyers are kidnapped for ransom or brutally killed but the government is unable to arrest the culprits,” she added.
“Lawyers will never compromise on the rule of law, as they have made many sacrifices for a free and independent judiciary and for the supremacy of the law, not for individuals.” She said that judiciary must be impartial and independent, and no restriction on the judiciary will be tolerated. “Some recent decisions were not based on merit, but were reactionary,” she added.“Instead of the dominance of the president or other individuals, the supremacy of law is essential for the country.” She pointed out that the shortage of judges is a serious matter and the vacant posts of judges must be filled by deserving, able, honest and senior lawyers.