CDGL’s parking lots policy destined to fail


The City District Government Lahore’s (CDGL) new parking stand policy that aims to set up computerized parking lots, control shopping plazas’ parking spaces and check illegal parking stands, is in limbo thanks to flawed planning and bureaucratic officialdom. The policy lacks the consultative process as well as feedback from experts. Besides, it gives scant regard to rules and regulations.
After the DCO’s announcement of taking over all private parking stands, the CDGL has sprung into action to give practical shape to his words. A senior CDGL official, who asked not to be named, told Pakistan Today that although work has been started on the campaign, there was little likelihood that it would be successful.
The CDGL plans to take over all private parking lots which are generating revenue. The CDGL ordinance clearly states that private parking lots which charge money from the public should be registered with the CDGL and revenue generated by these parking lots should be transferred to the CDGL. On the other hand, private parking lot owners are adamant that the money generated by the parking lots from private land will not be handed over to the city administration, saying that the owners have the right to keep revenue.
According to the LDA rules, 30 feet should be left vacant in front of public structures for parking. If the owner decides to charges for parking, that area would be taken over by the CDGL. Sources said taking over parking lots would be a little more difficult than the anti-encroachment drive since it would require a massive workforce and a lot of money.
“The CDGL will have to spend a small fortune on making this drive successful, which is not feasible at all,” sources quoted CDGL officials as having said. The paucity of staff at the CDGL’s disposal can be judged by the fact that it has only four tax collectors for the entire city. Nevertheless, the Public Facilities DO has started homework for the drive.
“We have started dummy computerized parking schemes on two locations in Lahore”. He said the CDGL had identified more than 200 parking lots across the city which were charging the public.