Media’s role


Upon the media lies the colossal responsibility to shape identities, strengthen ideologies and manage public perceptions while keeping national interest at the core of every publishing endeavour. Thus, impacting the public positively ought to become the primary aim of the media.

At this crucial moment, the people need assurances from both the civil and military authorities that multiple failures along politico-military fronts won’t bear any influence on either our sovereignty or existence. Extravagantly exaggerated headlines appearing at this time on the front pages that do not represent the news reports that follow shows a sure sign towards sensationalism, a trend that is quite in vogue in Pakistani papers, damage public morale.

As citizens it is our right to demand fair and free news reportage instead of using catchy phrases for want of attention. Semantics appraisal is a tricky business for which utmost care and compassion is required. The context and the intensions of the speaker/writer ought to be made clear before embarking on such a voyage please.