Indian External Affairs Ministry official under scanner for issuing fake passports


Reportedly the airport unit of New Delhi Police seized 19 forged passports issued from the Indian Embassy at Washington.
These passports were reportedly used in separate human trafficking cases.
All forged passports belonged to J-series and bore the signature of one AK Wahi, the regional passport officer in the Indian Embassy in Washington.
Considering the matter a major internal security threat, the police have sought intervention of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs into it.
The police have also been suspecting a well-hatched conspiracy involving the US authorities as the accused were issued Green Cards in America on the forged documents. An official said, “The accused were living in the US for more than a decade on Green Card. But in these years, they never sought renewal of their passports and instead got fresh passports issued. It is quite possible the Green Cards were also issued on the fake documents, which is a big security lapse on part of the US authorities”.