Balochistan Levies arrest 5 men, seize 57 rockets


The Levies Force arrested two suspects allegedly involved in attacking North Atlanic Treaty Organistaion (NATO) oil tankers in Balochistan near Dhadar on Sunday.
“The Levies Force signaled six suspected men riding on three bikes to stop on the road between Sibi and Bakhtiarabad but the armed men opened fire at the team,” revenue officer Balanari Mir Manzoor Ahmed Shahwani told reporters.
The Levies Force arrested two of the armed men identified as Murad Ali and Rehmat and confiscated one Kalashnikov, one TT pistol, four bottles filled with explosive chemical and one motorcycle, Shahwani added. Quetta police was also reported to have recovered 57 rockets from the Sabzal Road area on Sunday.
“Acting on a tip-off, Deputy Inspector General Operations Hamid Shakeel formed a police party which raided a place on the Sabzal Road area and found 57 rockets concealed in scrap at a go-down,” a police representative said.