Two women murdered at Barkat Market beauty parlour


Two women were found slaughtered under mysterious circumstances inside a beauty parlour located in Barkat Market in the Garden Town Police Station precincts on Sunday.
The two women were identified as 35-year-old Khadija and 17-year-old Ambreen, close relatives and residents of Usman Block, New Garden Town. According to details, Khadija and Ambreen were found murdered when a woman reached their parlour at around 5pm. The woman immediately informed local residents and police, which gathered at and around the beauty parlour. Top cops of the Model Town Division inspected the crime scene while investigators from the CIA and investigation wing shifted the bodies to Jinnah Hospital’s morgue for autopsy after collecting circumstantial evidences. According to police, unidentified killers slaughtered the two women with sharp-edged weapons over unknown reasons. Investigators believe that the killers initially killed Khadija and later killed Ambreen in order to finish clues about their identification. They said that there were around four to five killers and they managed to kill Khadija easily but Ambreen resisted them over which her hands were also cut.
According to investigators, Khadija’s husband Nazim was also running a saloon on the first floor of the same building. According to investigators, local residents told them that Nazim and Khadija had a clash a few days ago over some personal issues but the matter was settled. On police’s call Nazim also reached the spot. Khadija’s husband told police that he was also present at the murder site until 2pm but later he left for some work at a customer’s place. Nazim claimed that he was not aware about the murderers. He told police that he had two wives and his first wife Shamim lived at her native place, Kamalia. He said that he married Khadija around six to seven years ago when he shifted to Lahore in search of work. He said that he had two children and his marriage with Shamim was arranged while he had a love marriage with Khadija against Shamim’s will.
Khadija’s brother told journalists that Shamim had a grudge against Khadija and they both had several scuffles. He claimed that Shamim had arranged the murder of Khadija. Model Town Superintendent of Police (SP) Awais said that police have not registered any case because relatives of Khadija have not contacted them. He said that Khadija’s brother reached the spot but later left. The SP said that initially it looks like that someone from the family is behind the murders of Khadija and Ambreen. He said that police have not registered a case on Nazim’s complaint because he is being considered as a suspect. Awais said that investigators have collected fingerprints from the spot while autopsy report of the deceased will help police as well. According to sources, CIA Police have taken Nazim and his brother Saleem into custody for interrogation.


  1. i persnoally know khadija because i was her customer b4 3 to 4 years ago.she was good and well mannered lady.i m so hurt to listen her murder today in news.i cannt forget her face that when i met her last time in her parlour she was not happy with her husband as well she had some complaints with.i dont know exact matter between them.may the issue was his 1st wife or may be something else whatever the issue was.i personally would like to say that this not a murder of two innocents this is the murder of humanity why people have forgotten God's grudge i wish who did this god open their face infront of all and punnish them as an example for others people who are walikng around us in human faces but they are zombies.

    • @Biya Miss Biya u are in Pakistan, after few days no one remember what happened in Barkat market, have you forgotten Faisal Abad Two brothers incident? what do u say about Ryman Device, what was sin of Dr. Aafia? and many more lists of pending cases for justice, people just like to comment on twitteror facebook nothing else they can do, from 15 billion if only 1.5 million come on roads then situation can be changed, the alone Imran Khan do nothing you all must have to help him and if u do not follow him do not vote him, then you are noot allowed to comment anywhere

      • 1st of all i dont live in pakistan.but b4 4 years ago i was there in pak .when i was there i was not sensitive as much now i m after i left one can do something can u do?nooo we feel sorrow we feel upset about the situation in pakistan .this is so pity.everyone knows wt is wrong and wt is right but dont know y they go toward bad decision in votes.everyone has open right to one can say that u r not allowed to comment wtever a person thinks.and we cant change thinking of others just becoz everyone has a confident thought "he is perfectly right and other are wrong"if u wanna change something must try to change this type of thinkings of urs and others too.

  2. even i know all of these people as i was thir regular customer and went there yesterday as well when i found a chaos and all that had happened. i have been so depressed all day…..

  3. I have been going to this parlor for about ten years! In the article above it is said that nazim came to Lhr 6 years ago. I first went to this parlor in 99or 2000 n the name was same. I’m so depressed I had a hair cut from there a few weeks ago. I can’t believe it!! No words to express my sorrow n regret. May their souls rest in peace.

  4. i was also a customer …and i knew khadija and ambreen ….khadija was a nice lady but ambreen was a very very sweet and polite girl and i was so shocked to hear about this brutal incident …. khadija has two kids and they are so small …..God ..!!! may their souls rest in peace amin!

  5. i kow Nazim,kazim, muneer KHATEEJA and AMBREEN .i m their neghbour in back village in Jakhar.Muneer kilied his Bhabhi and Neice coz he want to merry with her Bhabhi but she dont want.But ambreen was Innocent…..when i heard i was on job i was shocked i could not do work after listening that……..

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  8. Garden Town police arrested Khadija’s husband Nazim after registering a first information report (FIR) on the complaint of Nazir, his brother-in-law, said Station House Officer (SHO) Inspector Ahsan Hashmi. He said the FIR had been registered under Sections 302 and 304 of the Pakistan Penal Code. He said that Ambreen’s family also believed that Nazim was behind the killings, though they had not given the police a written application to this effect. He said the police were investigating other aspects of the case as well. He said Nazim would soon be produced before a court.

  9. m just amazedddddd,………………………cz m thinkng wht if …………………me also there for any type ov trtmnts……………..would it b posbl dat they also kill me to remove cluesssss oh ALLAH its dsgstng………………………… bull shit

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