Punjab’s ‘best investigator’ owes it all to modern techniques


Central Investigation Authority (CIA) Superintendent of Police (SP) Umer Virk, who has been declared the best investigator in Punjab for bashing a record number of terrorist gangs and tracing high-profile crimes besides seizing a large number of stolen goods, adopts investigation modern techniques on lines of the advanced countries including the US, Japan and the UK.
Virk said he studied the implication, background history of the crime cases besides studying the environment in and around the locality and thoroughly examined the modus operandi. He said he updated himself on the techniques being adopted by the foreign countries to prevent and detect crime. He said in last three years, he solved cases of more than 100 gangs, blind murders, high profile crimes, abduction and terrorist activities.
He said he seized stolen property worth millions of rupees and handed them over to rightful owners. Virk was declared the best CIA deputy superintendent of police by former Inspector General of Police Ziaul Hassan Khan.