Major terrorists’ network operating in Karachi, reveal arrested miscreants


Terrorists, who were arrested by law enforcement agencies, revealed that a major terrorists’ network is operating in the city.
According to a private television channel, an arrested terrorist, student of the Physics Department in the Karachi University, revealed that his 150 colleagues were present in the city.
A big network of terrorists was present in the Karachi University, NED University, and Daud Engineering College, he said.
He said that understudy students were being prepared to launch terrorist attacks in Pakistan and abroad.
The alleged terrorist used to send e-mails and other messages for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.
Another two alleged terrorists, Habibullah and Habibur Rehman revealed that they used to send students to Waziristatn for militant training.
At least 50 students had been given militant training and they had also prepared a 15-year-old boy for suicide bombing. The laws enforcement agencies are searching for the boy.


  1. These are university students who are doing this!!!!. How is this possible . Unbelievable.

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